The video starts with a man and a woman facing each other and slipping blindfolds over their eyes. He slips a strap over the top of her head and suddenly…..

They are both spinning in circles ON ROLLERSKATES and this woman covered in sequins is flying through the air suspended by the leather strap around her neck!

This was our first introduction to the amazing rollerskate performer Kim Manning and her partner in crime Trey Knight and we’ve been obsessed with their amazing feats of skill and strength ever since.

>>>> Click the image below to see this in action!


Kim Manning Spin


We sat down with Kim to ask her some questions about her skating history and what she loves about being on eight wheels


Where do you live? Los Angeles

When did you start skating? I started skating when I was 3 yrs old and competed artistically from 5-17

What do you love the most about rollerskating? Rollerskating is total freedom. It’s like flying thru time and space.

What types of skating do you do?  Artistic, Rollerdance, Stunt Duo, Roller pole, Park, ice and inline

What’s your favorite skating move right now? The Butterfly

Tell us something random and non-rollerskating about you. I sang for George Clinton for nearly two decades.

What can people expect from your classes? I use toe stops a lot in my Rollerdance style.

What do you love most about teaching rollerskating? I’m excited to share the art of skating with the world!


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Kim Manning Roller Dance