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Start Rollin’

New to Rolla Skate Club? Contact us for details on our special new skater package!
*Skate and gear rentals included!

Drop In

No Commitment, come when you can
+ add $6.25 for gear/skate rental at class if needed.
*Intro to Rollerskating classes are $35 including rentals

Rolla 1

3 month commitment

Your goals:
Social and Skills
4 classes / month
+ 1 Skills Club/month

Rolla Unlimited

3 month commitment

Your goals:
Skills+ and Fitness+
Unlimited classes
+ Unlimited Skills Club Sessions


expires in 6 months

You come occasionally
and want to save some $
+ add $40 for gear/skate
rental if needed 

Structured Programs

Rollerskating 101
Roller Derby Boot Camp

Your goals:
Start from Scratch +
Build Skills Quick!
Email for our next session dates.

TO sign up: Email us at

 = monthly recurring membership

All prices exclusive of tax

Refer to our policies page for holds, cancellations and billing

Want to play Short Track Rolla Derby? Contact us to be cleared to play.


You love the FUN of Rolla Skate Club and you are working on improving your skills at your own pace. Coming to Rolla Skate Club is just one part of your wellness routine – but it’s the best part!

Your goals:
Social and Skills
You get:
Average 1 class per week
+ 1 Skills Club per month


You want to KICK ASS on your skates and in life! You’ve got big goals and Rolla Skate Club is here to help you crush them. Want to be a roller derby super star? We got you! Want to be the disco queen of the rink or wow the crowds at Venice Beach? You are in the right place!

Your goals:
Skills+ and Fitness+
You get:
Unlimited Classes
+ Skills Clubs


You like the structure of a start-from-scratch program that builds every week. Stick with a regular crew in your course, and watch your skills improve quickly!

Check our Class schedule for upcoming sessions

Your goals:
Structured skill growth
You get:
6- or 12-week progressive
courses, offered at set intervals throughout the year

MEMBER benefits

* Bonus Skills Clubs
* 10% off Rolla Merchandise
* Discounted Workshops & Special Skills
* First access to Rolla Events & Skate Jams
* Member Party Invites!

TO sign up: Email us at