It’s Summer Time and things are heating up here at Rolla Skate Club Vancouver. And as the days get warmer, we’re pulling out our shorts from the back of our closets and most of us are getting a bit of a surprise..

The last 12 months of Covid restrictions and stay at home orders are written all over our bodies. A lot of them don’t look like they did last summer.. and those shorts we just dusted off… are fitting a little tighter than we remember – if they fit at all!

Which is why our theme for this month is STRONG SKATER SUMMER. It’s our reminder to you and ourselves, that it’s not about what our bodies look like, it’s about what they can DO – especially when we strap on our rollerskates – that matters. 


Body positivity in rollerskating has a long history. In our Live Virtual Round Table with the one and only Dirty Deborah Harry, she described rollerskating as “Not just a sport, but a combination of athletic activity and art all rolled into one. That’s why you’ll see all sorts of body types on rollerskates – because looking good on rollerskates is not about how skinny or fit you are, it’s also about how creative you are and how you FEEL when you are on eight wheels.” 


Join the Rolla Skate Club! And check out our amazing discussion with Dirty Deb focusing on the challenges that plus size skaters face in rollerskating and how to overcome them. Grab a Membership for as little as $8/month. 


The sport of roller derby is passionate about body acceptance and celebration. If you are lucky enough to watch a live roller derby game you’ll see women of all shapes and sizes smashing into each other on the track. Even the boutfits are inspired by body love – with roller derby women often wearing short shorts, fishnets and other revealing items. It’s important to recognize that these uniforms are not for the appreciation of the men in the crowd but are in order to show off a derby girls best assets – their strong legs and butts!



Roller derby bodies inspired the “Body by Derby” photography project by Cory Layman (photos above) which was featured in this awesome Bustle article These Roller Derby Girls are Awesome. “What does an athlete look like?  “Body by Derby” celebrates both the world of roller derby and the women who comprise it — and much, much more. It’s magnificently body-positive, and proof that there are an infinite number of answers to the question of what an athlete looks like.”

Outside of roller derby, the recreational rollerskating community also has some great roll models when it comes to body positivity. If you don’t follow them already, check out @fatgirlhasmoxi and @kianayouwanna on Instagram. 





“Suns Out, Buns Out is a roll out I hosted to bring together all people of all ages, sizes and wheels.. I encourage people to wear something they’ve always wanted to, but were afraid to because of society’s beauty standards.” @FatGirlHasMoxi





“Cellulite, stretch marks & tattoos mix on the medium of my thick, tan, canvas thighs. Thick thighs means more space for imperfections, growth and strength.I need to give credit where credit is due because my thighs are a magical force that can’t be reckoned with. I try to do better to thank them everyday for what they allow me to do.” @KianaYouWanna


So grab your rollerskates, pull on your summer shorts and go celebrate your beautiful body by doing something that brings you joy – rollerskating! 


See you later skaters! – LuluDemon (Rolla Skate Club Co-Founder and Head Coach) 


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