Rolla Derby

What is Short Track Roller Derby?

Short Track Roller Derby is an accessible, fun version of modern flat track roller derby that can be played safely in small venues with only 7 skaters per team and as little as one official. It is designed to open up the sport to a large, recreational audience, meaning more women can be part of this amazing movement.

Rolla Skate Club is building a bad-ass community of strong skaters. And Short Track Roller Derby is just one part of getting us there.

We hope you’ll join us!
Roll Strong Together.

With the help of skaters from around the world, translations are underway to bring this game to more communities. Check back for more versions or get in touch if you are able to help out.


New to Derby?
If you’re a newer skater or new to Roller Derby our Bootcamp is a great place to start! This 8-week progressive program will teach you everything you need to know to kick ass on the derby track. To get the most out of this course you must be able to stop, transition & skate backwards confidently. Not there yet? Check out our Start Rolling options to get you rolling – and join the next Bootcamp session!

Already an experienced skater?

Come get your derby on! This full-contact roller derby class is for our roller derby team members that have already completed the Roller Derby Bootcamp Program or experienced players that have been approved by Rolla Coaches to participate. Additional Insurance is required to participate. Open to all cis and trans women, and non-binary people who are comfortable in a space that centres the experiences of women. Age 16+

Classes are on Wednesday nights at 8 pm. Registration is available with all of our membership options.

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RollerCon 2018

We taught 30 RollerCon attendees how to play Short Track in one short class. Watch the world premiere of Short Track Roller Derby in action, and hear from the skaters, officials, and fans.


Find a league near you

We are collecting info from groups and leagues currently interested, practicing short track, or fully bouting. ADD YOUR INFO HERE to be added to the worldwide listing!

Currently Short Track Roller Derby has been played from Dubai to Moscow to Patagonia and all places in between! LIST OF ACTIVE LEAGUES WORLDWIDE

Game Basics


Join the Short Track Roller Derby Info Group |   See Rules Changelog  | Descarga las reglas en español


  • Two teams of 7 skaters each.
  • Two periods of 10 jams each. Each jam is 60s long; with a 30s interval between.
  • The first period is skated clockwise; the second period is skated counter-clockwise.
  • Each skater is numbered via arm bands in a “Jammer Order”. Each skater jams in turn, at least once per period. After jam #7 is complete, teams may field any skater as jammer for the remaining jams in that period.
  • There is no ‘lead jammer’ and jams cannot be called off except for injury/emergency.
  • Each pass of the pack (all blockers on the track including own team) counts for one point (scoring starts at the initial pass).
  • Fouls may be remedied by Yielding. Fouls not yielded, or procedural or egregious fouls, will result in a loss of 2 points for the penalized team.
  • Jammers must yield a foul by returning ‘to the scene of the crime’ regardless of the location of the skater they have fouled.
  • Skaters who are knocked out of bounds must return to the track at the location where they exited, regardless of the location of any other skater on the track.
  • Recommended officiating crew includes at least one Referee (two recommended), one timekeeper, and one scorekeeper.

Spirit of Play

The Spirit of Play of Short Track Roller Derby is to play fair, and have fun in healthy athletic competition. The Object of the game is to score more points than the opposing team.
In Short Track Roller Derby, an intentional foul is considered cheating and a gross offense against the spirit of sport and fair play. Often a skater is in a position where it is clearly to their advantage to foul, but that skater is morally bound to abide by the rules and avoid or remedy such a foul.
Further, there are many occasions where a skater is in a position to accidentally and unintentionally foul. That skater is bound to be self-aware and in control in order to avoid such a foul whenever possible, and to remedy the foul if necessary.
The integrity, fun, fair and safe play of Short Track Roller Derby depends on each skater’s responsibility to uphold the spirit of the game, and this responsibility should not be taken lightly.

Contact Levels

Short Track Roller Derby can be modified for different levels of contact intensity, to encourage safe play among skaters with varying skill levels. No contact, Low contact, and Full contact rules guidelines help make the game accessible to many skaters for more fun! We’ve created a poster-size cheat sheet that you can hang at your venue to quickly and easily refer to, so that all skaters are on the same page, every jam. DOWNLOAD THE POSTER

Short Track Layout

The track is designed to fit inside a basketball court (including a safety clearance of 6′ all around), allowing it to be played in most community sporting venues. Two tracks placed side by side will fit inside the rectangle created by a standard roller derby flat track. The overall dimensions of the track and safety clearance area are 48′ x 73′ (or 14.63m x 22.25m)


Join the Short Track Roller Derby Info Group

For a simple, portable way to lay down a short track anywhere you and your pals want to practice or play, check out our Short Track in a Bag Kit! Click the image for product details. We ship worldwide.