Frequently Asked Questions


Do you do birthday parties? (e.g. 10-20 guests)

We love parties, and rollerskating is such a fun way to celebrate! For small group birthdays and celebrations, we recommend booking tickets to our Sparkle Parties (all ages) or Saturday Night Rollerskate events (16+ and 19+). All our events can be found here. Sparkle party tickets are $15 each, Saturday Nights are $20 each and special events may go up to $25 each, plus GST and ticket fees, and both include rollerskate rentals.

Who do I contact to book out the venue for a private event?

We love parties, and we’re great at working with groups of all kinds to create an incredible, exhilarating and memorable experience for your guests! Please contact with some details of your vision, and dates, and we would love to work with you. We generally offer Friday evenings for private events, but as we’re a 20,000 square foot facility, we recommend these for groups of 75 or more.

Can I get a refund?

Tickets are not refundable with exceptions for clerical errors, COVID exposure, or compassionate reasons. 

All refunds are handled by our ticket agent TicketLeader. Please contact them at with your confirmation or order number if any. Tickets may not be re-sold.
Note to self: Our tickets are:

  • Non refundable
  • Not re-sellable
  • No modifications to orders ie. skate size within 24hrs prior to the event
  • Tickets cannot be transferred to another party

Is the BC Vaccine Card required for entry?

Proof of vaccination is no longer required at RollerLand.

Are masks mandatory for this venue?

Masks are optional but recommended for any event hosted in RollerLand.

Can I bring my own rollerskates?

Yes! Bringing your own rollerskates is perfect for every class or event. 

Can I bring my own rollerblades?

Yes! Rollerblades are welcome at all Rolla Events. For classes we teach quad rollerskating skills and rentals skates are included. 

Do you need to have experience rollerskating to attend?

Everyone is welcome to come and have fun skating! No prior experience required. If you are interested in getting more confident on rollerskates before or after your event, check out our classes at 

Will you have “skate mates” / “skate helpers”/ Skating aids (those things you hold on to while you skate)

We are working on getting some but don’t know if/when we will have them. If we do acquire them in time for your event, be aware that they will be limited in number, and first come first served.

Do you offer protective gear?

We do have limited protective gear available free of charge at our events. We recommend bringing your own helmet for a good fit (bike helmets work great!). Children under 12 are REQUIRED to wear a helmet – please bring your own.
If you want to bring your own protective gear, we recommend wrist guards, knee pads, and helmet.

How do I get there / where do I park?

The Rollerland Building is at Hastings Park, aka the PNE, on North Renfrew Street at the intersection of Dundas. The best parking lot is just north of the building on North Renfrew at Gate 6.

What should I wear?

There is no dress code for events or classes, however it is recommended that you wear something comfortable to move around in. Most of our events have themes, and on-theme attire or costumes are encouraged, but there is no tolerance for costumes deemed offensive, culturally appropriative, or generally in poor taste. 

Are outside food and drinks allowed?

No. Some events will have food and/or drink available, consult the event details.

Is the space accessible?

Yes! The accessible entrance is at the north side of the building. Refer to signage on the doors on site for contact instructions to gain entry. 

Will there be public access to bathrooms? 

Yes! We have gender-neutral washrooms and an accessible washroom.

Is there a locker room or somewhere for me to store my items?

There is no coat check or shoe check at RollerLand. Cubbies are provided for shoes, bags etc. Please do not bring valuables with you.

What kind of wheels should I use?

The surface is buttery smooth polished concrete. All rollerskate wheels are super groovy here; you’ll enjoy an indoor or hybrid wheel. If you have no idea what any of this means, don’t sweat it, you’ll love it!

Where do I find information about upcoming events?

What are the regular weekly events at RollerLand?

Every Saturday 4-5:45pm we hold a Sparkle Party! These are all-ages skates, and they’re perfect for kids and families. $15 tickets include rental skates, or bring your own. Themes rotate weekly. It’s not required to dress on theme. No need to reserve your skates on checkout, choose your skates when you arrive.

Every Saturday night from 6-7:45pm and 8-9:45pm we host a Saturday Night Skate! Tickets are $20 and these events are 16+ and 19+. The 16+ skate is at 6pm and the 19+ skate is at 8pm. Expect an incredible DJ, fun themes and music genres, and a party vibe. Tickets include rental skates and protective gear such as wrist guards and knee pads if needed!

What are the ticket cancellation policies?

See above.

What is the minimum age for events?

Saturday Night Skate parties are 16+ at 6pm and 19+ at 8pm unless noted otherwise on the website. For Sparkle Parties, we recommend age 6 and up. Our smallest rental skate size is a Kids 11.
Rolla Skate Club has classes for kids, youth, and teens! Skaters 16+ are welcome to attend our regular adult classes. Learn more about our programming for young skaters at and book your spot for our next skate semester.