Welcome to Rolla Skate CLub!


General Info

How do I get there? Where do I park?
The Rollerland Building is at Hastings Park, aka the PNE, on North Renfrew Street at the intersection of Dundas. The best parking lot is just north of the building on North Renfrew at Gate 6. Parking for Rolla guests is always free! Check this link for up-to-date parking information: www.rollaskateclub.com/parking.

Classes & Memberships

How do I book a rollerskating class?
All new members start with a 90-min Intro to Rolla class, where you’ll go over skating and safety basics, get a tour of the facility, learn more about our Membership options, and meet other fabulous rollerskaters! Get started at this link: https://rollaskateclub.com/start-rolling/

I’ve skated before, can I skip the Intro class?
Unless you’re a currently active expert skater, you’ll need to do the Intro to Rolla class. We promise you’ll have a great time!

What equipment do I need?
To start, you’ll need a helmet, wrist guards, knee pads, and obviously skates! Rental skates and safety gear are included in your fee if you don’t have your own yet. If you have a bike or skateboard helmet, please bring it as we have limited quantities of helmets. 

What should I wear?
Anything made for moving around and getting sweaty. In the winter, the temperature can vary a bit, so a layer that’s easily removable comes in handy, too.

Where can I buy skates?
ALWAYS go to your local skate shop to get fitted for skates to ensure the best possible skating experience. In Vancouver, that’s RollerGirl.ca – they have skates for every skating style and price range. Check out their website!!

Can I bring my own skates?
Yes! Quad rollerskates only for classes. Inlines can be used at our public events, but we don’t instruct on inline skates.

What kind of wheels should I use?
Our skating surface is smooth polished concrete. Really any wheels work fine – but we recommend indoor wheels.

Do you have skating classes for kids? 
Yes! We run term based rollerskating classes for kids and youth under the age of 16. We also do Spring Break and Summer Camps! Check out our Youth Programs page for more information. 

Public Events

Where do I buy tickets for your events?
Tickets for all of our public events (Saturday & Sunday night skates and Roller Derby) are available at Ticketleader.ca. If you have a promo code, go to this link: https://ticketleader.evenue.net/cgi-bin/ncommerce3/EVExecMacro?linkID=tktldr&evm=prmo&RSRC=&RDAT=&caller=PR

Do you do birthday parties? (e.g. 10-20 guests)
Our Glam-O-Rama nights (every other Saturday) are the perfect way to celebrate with your group, kids and adults alike! More info and ticket purchase links are here: https://rollaskateclub.com/roller-disco-nights-2023/

Can I book a table for my party?
Yes! More info about table reservations is at this link. Please contact events@rollaskateclub.com for details and dates. Note, you do not have to reserve a table as there is bench seating throughout the space and any un-reserved tables are available on a first come first served basis. 

Do you have private party rooms?
We do not have private party rooms. Please check the info above to book tables to reserve a spot for your group. 

Can I get a refund for my tickets?
Event tickets are non-refundable. All refunds are handled by our ticket agent TicketLeader. Please contact info@ticketleader.ca with your confirmation or order number. Tickets may not be re-sold.

Can I buy tickets at the door?
No. In order to monitor our venue capacity and skate rental availability, tickets are only available to purchase in advance. To avoid disappointment, please purchase your tickets at least a day in advance of the event.  https://www.ticketleader.ca/events/detail/rolla-skate-sessions

I haven’t received my tickets to download, what do I do?
Contact Ticketleader at info@ticketleader.ca with your confirmation or order number.

I tried to buy tickets, but I got an error code, is the event sold out?
Possibly. To confirm if the event is sold out, check our YVR Instagram account (@rollaskateclubyvr) where we post up-to-date information about our events and ticket availability.

Can I book a private event at Rollerland?
Absolutely! We love working with groups of all kinds to create a memorable experience for birthdays, weddings, graduations, staff parties, or large team-building events.

  • For smaller groups (10-75 ppl), join us for a Saturday Night Skate! You can get a group early access to events and reserve the VIP lounge area for you and your besties.
  • For large groups (75+ ppl), book out the full facility for a private Friday night event, and host a magical event in our rollerskating palace! 
  • For team-building or corporate events (10-30 skaters), build trust and empathy and have a ton of fun at a team building lesson – customized to your group! 

Send your options for dates, ideas, and group size to events@rollaskateclub.com, and we can work on a quote for you.

Do you have skates available for rent?
Yes! Rental skates and safety gear are included in your ticket price. We also highly recommend safety gear if you are an inexperienced skater.

What about kids’ skates and gear??
Yes, we have kids’ stuff, but the smallest skates (K 10 to 2) are limited. All kids under 12 are required to wear a helmet while skating and must bring their own, as we do not have kids’ helmets for rent.

Can I bring my own skates?
Yes! Quad rollerskates and inline skates are welcome at all of our events. (No scooters or skateboards, please.) All skater tickets are the same price, with or without rentals.

I’m not sure I want to skate yet, can I watch?
Sure! Everyone entering the building must have a ticket – and we have a discounted ‘non- skater’ tickets are available. There is a lounge area, seats and a bar at every public event.

Do you need to have experience rollerskating to attend?
Everyone is welcome to skate with us! No prior experience required. Our On-Skate Ambassadors will help you get rolling safely if you’re a beginner. But please wear safety gear!  If you would like to learn some skate safety and basics before your event, check out our Intro to Rolla class here: https://rollaskateclub.com/start-rolling/

What is the minimum age for events?
We don’t have a minimum age for All-Ages skating events, but we recommend age 6 and up. Our smallest rental skate size is a Kids’ 10. All kids under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. We have All-Ages skate sessions and 19+ skate sessions on Saturdays, and our VanCity Soul Skates on Sunday nights are 19+ only. All ages are welcome at Roller Derby, except for the after party, which is 19+.

How do I get there? Where do I park?
The Rollerland Building is at Hastings Park, aka the PNE, on North Renfrew Street at the intersection of Dundas. The best parking lot is just north of the building on North Renfrew at Gate 6. Check this link for up-to-date parking information: www.rollaskateclub.com/parking

What should I wear?
We don’t have a strict dress code, but It is recommended that you wear something comfortable to move around in. Some of our events have themes, and on-theme attire or costumes are encouraged! But please be aware we have a no-tolerance policy for costumes deemed offensive, culturally appropriative, or generally in poor taste. Want to learn more? Here’s a great place to start. https://thegauntlet.ca/2021/10/29/cultural-appropriation-vs-cultural-appreciation-halloween-edition/

Are outside food and drinks allowed?
Not generally. All of our events have beverages and snacks available for purchase, and the bar will be open for All Ages and 19+ events. If you would like to bring in your own snacks for a celebration, you can at our Glam-O-Rama events. The info is here: https://rollaskateclub.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/04/GlamORama-Info-Sheet_2023-04-.pdf

Is the space accessible for wheelchairs/mobility aids?
Yes! The accessible entrance is at the north side of the building. Check in with our Events staff when you arrive if you would like to use the accessible entrance. An accessible washroom is also available. Guests using mobility aids are welcome to join the fun on the rink, but do so at their own risk. 

Is there somewhere for me to store my items?
There is no coat check or secure lockers at Rollerland. Cubbies are provided for storage, but they are unattended. We recommend a fanny pack or small cross-body bag for keeping valuables safe while skating.

My question wasn’t answered from the information above, who do I contact? 

Please email us at hello @ rollaskateclub.com  and we will get back to you within 3-5 business days. We are a small but dedicated team and we do our best to answer asap, but if you need a quicker answer please read through the points above carefully as most things are covered there. Later skaters!