Rollas Helping Rollas Bursary Program

The Bursary Fund will support students by paying for a portion of their Class fees on a financial need basis. Please fill our this form if you require assistance. All requests that meet the program criteria will be honoured as long at the funds last. Bursaries are available for both current students, alumni and new students.

Different levels of support are available based on need.

If you are indivdidual or business that would like to contribute to the fund please get in touch with us. Monthly contributions can be made alongside your regular membership dues.

Funds are matched 100% by Rolla Skate Club.

No contribution is too small – please see the table below to see how your funds can help your community members get their roll on! Many of our regular monthly members simply add $5 or $10 to their monthly dues. It all adds up.

Addressing Accessibility and Giving Back to Our Community

At Rolla Skate Club we are creating a global movement to empower women. And we’re using roller skates to do it. We want women to be as powerful in their life, community and business as they are on their roller skates.

We are a community within a larger community and believe in giving back and making a difference through charitable works, inclusion and accessibility.

We know that privilege leads to blank spots in experience, which in turn leads to unconscious bias and lack of understanding.

We believe that equity must be prioritized; acting from a needs-based standpoint rather than assuming everyone’s needs are uniform and fixed.

Organizations we work with to expand access to rollerskating:


Vancouver rollerskating group holding space for skaters who are Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour. Find them on Facebook and Instagram

Urban Native Youth Association

The centre of Indigenous youth excellence, supporting youth on their journeys by amplifying and celebrating their voices.


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How do I book a class?

If it’s your first time visiting Rolla Skate Club, we’ll ask you to join our Intro to Rollerskating class. Your best bet is our “Start Rolling” pass. You can purchase your pass and book on our class calendar, or email us and we’ll get you scheduled in!

What equipment do I need?

We have rollerskates, knee pads and wrist guards available for you to borrow (no extra charge). Please bring your own helmet (a bike helmet works great!). If you’ve got your own gear, by all means bring it. You should wear comfortable clothing you don’t mind sitting on the floor in or getting your sweat on!

Do you rent equipment?

You can borrow our rollerskates and protective gear during your classes, free of charge! We ask members on an ongoing membership to get their own protective gear. Everyone is in charge of their own helmet. If you are looking to rent rollerskates for a film production, please contact events @ We do not rent out rollerskates to be taken offsite.

Where can I buy skates?

If you’re in the Vancouver area, please visit - they are our local skate shop, and Canada’s oldest! They will take very good care of you.

What age can I start?

Our weekly Rolla classes are for skaters aged 16 and up. We also have a weekly Teen session (check the Rolla GRRL classes on the calendar for details) available to ages 12-16. Classes for younger children are on hold until further notice.

Do you have reduced pricing for those in need?

We work with local organizations to improve access to rollerskating, particularly for BIPOC skaters. We also have a "Rollas Helping Rollas" bursary program available to anyone with financial need. Learn more