Start Rolling

New Adult Skaters

*Free* Intro to Rolla Class

In this 90 minute session we’ll cover all the safety basics, get you rolling and stopping confidently and show you around the Club! You must complete this class (or Rollerskating 101) before joining other Rolla Classes. Includes rentals and protective gear. (For ages 16+)

Free with Donation! $10 for Rollas Helping Rollas Program

(reg. $75)


Rollerskating 101 Course

Grab a friend and come Learn to Rollerskate! This 4-week course includes an Open Skate Membership ($125 value), Virtual Rollerskating 101 program ($149 value), rental rollerskates and protective gear. For age 16+

$249 early bird!

(reg. $299)

*New* Roller Dance 101


Learn to dance on rollerskates! This 4-week course will teach you the basics of roller dance in a fun and accessible group format. Includes Open Skate Membership ($125 value). For intermediate skaters aged 16+

$199 Spring Special!

(reg. $299)


Come join the Rolla Skate Club Community! Get fit, have fun and make new friends! Our brand new 20,000 sq ft venue at Rollerland at the PNE is centrally located in East Vancouver and easily accessible via car, bike or transit. 
How does it work? 
Rolla Skate Club is the world’s first Rollerskating Gym that parties on the weekends! We have monthly memberships for adults that give you access to our 40+ classes/open skates/workshops and skate parties that run 6 days per week.  View Class Schedule Here. 
As safety is our highest priority, we do require all new members to complete either an Intro to Rolla Session or Rollerskating101 Course. You can book those through the links above. 
Once you’ve completed one of those classes then you are READY TO ROLL! Your friendly Rolla Coach will be able to explain our membership options and what classes they think are best for you to stay challenged and having fun on eight wheels.
Have questions? Email our wonderful customer service team at hello @
Come Roll With Us! 
Rolling on eight wheels is about being yourself, embracing joy, staying active and feeling strong. We are a welcoming space for skaters of all ages and athletic abilities – from those who have never strapped on rollerskates before, to skaters returning after a 20+ year absence – we’ll help you get rolling safely and confidently.
. . . . . . . . . .
– Looking for Youth Programs (ages 6-15)? Check out our Youth Programs HERE
– Looking for public ticketed skate nights and parties? Check out our EVENTS PAGE
– For drop in casual skating and skate park, CLICK HERE 
– Already a Rolla YVR Member? You can book classes on the Zen Planner on your mobile device, or on the web browser HERE

Please read our terms and conditions regarding Intro to Rolla sessions and course registration here. If you are experiencing financial hardship, please check out our Rollas Helping Rollas Program – we believe everyone deserves access to the joy and mental health benefits of rollerskating! 

Skatepark jump
Tying rollerskates
stretching on skates
Power class