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Share your Love of Rollerskating, Help Others, Be Your Own Boss!

Creating Rolla™ Skate Club has always been about more than just the rollerskates. It has always been core to our mission that we want to elevate more entrepreneurs from under-represented groups, and build leaders in our communities.

We are developing the Partner program to do just that.

Becoming a Partner means that you can use the Rolla™ Skate Club brand, methods, and special sauce, to run your own side business (or full time gig!)

Your Path To Get There 

  1. Register for the Rollerskating Instructor Level 1 Course and become a Rolla™ Certified Instructor
  2. Apply to join the Partner Program (you can do this concurrent to the Level 1 Course)
  3. Complete the Instructor Level 2 Course, scoring 5 stars on video submissions
  4. Successful final interview & approval to become a Partner!
  5. Complete the Partner Onboarding course with our support while starting up your business


The Opportunity

The sky is the limit! We built Rolla Skate Club from a 2 person business running classes in church basements, into a million dollar business employing 40+ team members!
Whatever your dream, we’ve got your back.

Teaching 3 classes per week, with a capacity of 15 skaters each at $25 each, averaging 75% capacity, you would earn approximately $843 per week, before expenses.

It will take time to grow into your capacity, and this time will vary based on your geographic area/population density, commitment to marketing, and other factors.

Of course, you can run many more than three classes per week! We run nearly 50 classes per week at Rolla™ Skate Club in Vancouver.

The Benefits of Being a Partner

  • Use of the Rolla™  Skate Club brand

  • Access to our existing network and community

  • Pre-built class outlines and other resources to use

  • Access to further training

  • Jump on our trampoline!  We’ve been there before, and we’ll train and help you to be successful

  • Be part of the Rolla Family. We’ve got your back.

Your Guides

Coach Luludemon (Lucy Croysdill) and Coach BiznessTime (Carla Smith) have been there, done that. (Read Our Story!)

We’ve started multiple businesses, and a non-profit.

We’ve each been president of our local roller derby league, among many other leadership roles in derby.

We’ve competed and coached at an international level.

We’re here to share everything we’ve learned. Your success is our our success!


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