Hey Beautiful Rolla Humans! We’re here today to share some BIG news with you. One of those is pretty crummy but we hope that the other piece of news is so amazingly awesome that it will make the crummy stuff worth it.


But first, let’s start this story from the beginning…  Watch the video below or keep on reading! 


When Carla and I started Rolla Skate Club back in 2018 our goal was to make the challenge, joy and empowerment of rollerskating accessible to everyone. Whether you were just gettin rolling, had aspirations of the roller derby track or dreams of being a roller disco queen – we wanted to create a safe space where everyone was welcome.


After 12 months of skating in parking lots, yoga studios and art galleries the rollerskating gods shined down on us and we found Skate Church. Our 4,000 square foot gym space operated by the United Church in Kerrisdale. 


This has been our home for the last 2 years and has seen us through the rollercoaster ride of COVID. It’s been a place for the Rolla Community to grow and connect and we’ve taught THOUSANDS of amazing humans how to rollerskate. We are so grateful for everyone that’s been involved in this journey so far.


Fast forward to right now….


So here’s the crummy news – due to structural issues that have just been discovered, Skate Church is no longer operational and we have had to suddenly stop running classes in this space. Unfortunately because of the severity of the issues it is not safe for anyone to be in the building which is why we had to cancel classes with no notice. And due to the age of the building the United Church will not be repairing the issues. 


Which means as of today – September 21, 2021 – the only classes we are able to run right now are our outdoor classes at Concord Park and North Vancouver Shipyards. 


But … here’s the super amazing, incredible news. 




After 3 years of searching, applications and negotiations…..


We found a permanent HOME!!

Happy Dance

No more van life for us!


In December 2021 -exact date TBD – we will be opening Rolla Skate Club at the Rollerland building at the PNE!! 


With 20,000 square feet of space we’ll be able to run classes, events, short track derby games and even a mini indoor skate park. 

It truly is the rainbow sprinkled unicorn that we’ve been working for ever since myself and Carla started skating – over 15 years ago. 


Now we know that all of you will probably have a million questions about how things are going to run at Rollerland and – with December being just around corner – we are pretty busy with making the dream come true. So our asks for you are


  1. Be patient! We will release more information about the venue, classes, events etc as they become available – we promise!
  2. Get on our newsletter to get the most up to date information.
  3. Watch your email for information about special pre-release memberships, celebratory merch etc. 
  4. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more updates! 


We’re so excited for this next big step in the Rolla Skate Club Journey and we can’t wait to roll into the new year with all of you!


Later skaters

Lucy Croysdill and Carla Smith aka LuluDemon and Bizness Time

Rolla Skate Club Co-Founders 

Happy Team at Rollerland

BruiseberryPie, Sole, LuluDemon and Bizness Time outside the doors of Rollerland