With roller skaters joining us at Rolla Skate Club online from all over the world, we get a lot of questions like “how can I get better at rollerskating, faster?”

The simple answer to getting better at rollerskating is to get stronger! (Well, that and plenty of time on skates to practice!)

When you strengthen your stabilizing muscles, including your core, feet, legs, and upper body, you will quickly see how you can learn to roller skate faster, or improve your existing roller skating skills and make the new tricks come easier.

Just like with practicing your skills on roller skates, the key to success here is consistency.  So join Coach & Co-Founder BiznessTime (formerly known as Booty Quake) for her top five moves you can practice on the regular to get better at rollerskating!

Watch BiznessTime’s Top 5 Moves To Make You Stronger In Your Roller Skates

As a recap, your moves to get out there and practice (either on- or off-skates) are:

1) Squats

2) One-foot balance

3) Slow knee taps (lunges off skates)

4) Side lunge with leg raise

5) Push-ups

Bizzy suggests you pick two of these exercises each day and do 3 sets of each. You can rotate through them to mix things up and keep your strength sessions short and sweet.

We can’t wait to see how STRONG you’re gonna get on your rollerskates this summer with these simple strength exercises!

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