CLICK HERE to view our Communicable Disease Prevention Plan

September 13, 2021 || BC Vaccine Card or Proof of Vaccination Status Now Required

As per BC Government requirements, starting Sept 13th, entry to Rolla Skate Club will require proof of partial vaccination. As of Oct 24th full vaccination will be required for entry.

Please note, this process is constantly under review & in development. We are doing the best we can based on the guidance provided by the government. Do not hesitate to contact us with feedback anytime and thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate this new world!

All Rolla skaters will be offered the opportunity to sign a release document authorizing Rolla Skate Club to store your VACCINE STATUS in our records to facilitate daily class admissions. We will not store any health information, simply your status (partially vaccinated, fully vaccinated, or declined to have status stored). If you choose to sign this document and show proof of Vaccination Status, you will not need to show your BC Vaccine Card each time you arrive.

You can sign this release in the ZenPlanner member app or by logging in to your account on the web

The first time you come in (or every time, if you decline to sign the release) after this requirement is in effect, our Front Desk team member will check your BC Vaccine Card or alternative proof of status, along with your government issued ID, before you enter the building. If you have signed the release, we will add your vaccination status to your customer profile in ZenPlanner.

Our staff will be using the QR Code scanner app provided by the BC Government to verify.

Providing Proof of Vaccination Status:
The simplest way to provide proof is using the digital BC Vaccine Card, AND a piece of valid government photo ID, for example:
B.C. driver’s licence or BC Services Card
Photo ID issued by another province or territory

You can obtain the BC Vaccine Card here, as well as learn about alternatives.

To give everyone time to get their BC Vaccine Card, up to and including September 26, you can show other forms of proof of vaccination: 

Wallet-sized immunization record card (given out at vaccine clinics)
Printed immunization record from Health Gateway
Immunization record from your pharmacy (AstraZeneca/SII COVISHIELD)
National Defence Canada COVID-19 vaccine record or card
Provincial Immunization Registry record (used by Interior Health and others)
ImmunizeBC record (used by First Nations Health Authority and others)
Health authority immunization records: Fraser Health; Vancouver Coastal Health; Northern Health


September 1 2021 || Preparing for the Vaccine Passport

The Province of BC has recently announced that a vaccine passport will be required for entry into multiple types of events and businesses, starting as of September 13. Rolla Skate Club’s indoor events and classes fall under this order. Learn more here.

We are working on the logistics of how passports will be verified and logged, and we await further instructions from the government as well. Please be patient with us as we work on implementing this into our business operations.

As of August 25, masks are once again required by law in indoor public spaces in BC, which includes all staff and visitors at Rolla Skate Club with the exception of outdoor classes.

We look forward to skating safely with you!


June 27th 2021 || Preparing for Phase 3

Hello Rebel Rollas!

As you know, *provisionally* we are expecting to move to BC’s Phase 3 rules as of July 1. We won’t know *for sure* until the good Doctor Bonnie announces it formally, but we wanted to let you in on the plan we are making in anticipation!

Here’s what you need to know:

– Class size will increase to 16 skaters for most classes. You will no longer be required to keep 2.5m from others, and we won’t have to use “boxes” for distancing!

– We will continue to require masks to be worn in the space, including while exercising, FOR NOW. We will revisit this rule periodically based on vaccination & infection rates.

– We will no longer have to clear all skaters from the room between classes. You will still have some gear up/down time built in, and if you prefer to spend less time indoors, you are welcome to sit on the Church’s rainbow steps and chairs to get geared up or down!

Again, all of the above is – fingers crossed – WHEN we move to Phase 3. We anticipate this will start on Saturday July 3 and we are SO EXCITED to safely bring back more life, joy, fun, and high fives back to the Club!

We can’t wait to move into a new “recovery” era for Rolla Skate Club and see all you beautiful humans in class!

-The Rolla Skate Club team

May 27th, 2021 || OMG WE’RE BACK…

What a ride… We’ve stopped counting how many of these updates we’ve had to write over the last eleventy-seven months!!   With cautious optimism we are looking forward to returning to more high intensity classes (Rolla Workout and Rolla Derby, here we come!) and higher capacities in classes too.

For now, we’re back to indoor group low-intensity classes! Operations will be the same as they were in Jan – March: 2.5m spacing, capacity of 10 max, masks required, and the room vacant between classes.

Check the Class Schedule and start booking classes NOW!   And we still have some outdoor Greenway and Shipyards (North Vancouver) classes available for those who prefer to remain outdoors for the time being.

We will continue to add in more as and when the BC Restart plan allows.

We are so grateful to our community of Rolla humans for supporting our small business along the way during this incredibly difficult time for all. It has been a joy for us to be there for you, and it’s been essential to have you be there for us. Sniff! Tear!

-Booty & Lulu and the whole Rolla team

April 28th, 2021 || ROLLIN’ WITH RESTRICTIONS The Sequel: 2 Square, 2 Safe!

While BC’s restrictions continue, our Rolla Skate Club team is doing everything we can to bring you SAFE, fun, challenging opportunities to work on your own physical and mental health.

Here’s what we have in store for May:

Outdoor classes at the Shipyards in North Vancouver!
– Join us under the big roof, Monday evenings
(If you had a membership on hold for these classes, hang tight for more details to come on  how to re-start your pass!)

Outdoor classes at the Arbutus Greenway!
– Beginner Outdoor Skating: learn to get confident skating on unfamiliar terrain with the support of your coach and classmates
– Intermediate Greenway Skates: social + fitness + skill time
Rainy-day fallback: Rolla Squares will be held open at the Skate Church!

Rolla Square Sessions Continue!
– Everyone has been loving this new format, so these sessions are still on the schedule.

NEW SKATERS Private one-on-one Intro to Rollerskating classes!

– If you’re new to our skating community we have reformatted our group introductory class to a private option at our indoor venue in Kerrisdale.

– We will also be having Intro classes at our North Vancouver location 

– Please get in touch if you would like to book an Intro session at



April 1, 2021 || No Group Classes, Open for Current Members only!


Hello Rolla Rebels!

As you may have heard, as of March 30th the province is attempting a “circuit breaker” of renewed restrictions to stop the spread of variants in our communities. This impacts Rolla Skate Club’s ability to provide our normal group classes.

All group classes have been canceled for the month of April. Rolla Square sessions are available for current monthly members with an active pass.

We will be suspending all new skater intake classes until we’re able to re-open. If you’d like to reserve a future spot please email us

Stay safe, stay home, and we’ll be back rolling with you soon!



DECEMBER 22, 2020 || Re-Opening in January With New Guidelines

Dear Rolla family,

We’re so stoked to share that we will be able to resume in-person classes in early January, operating under the new “Public Health Guidelines for Group Low Intensity Exercise” provided by the BCCDC.

Because it’s always our top priority, we’ll continue to go above-and-beyond in maintaining an environment focused on your health and safety. Strict enforcement of our protocols will continue – you can always find the most up to date information here on this page.

Membership Details:

You can start making reservations when your membership/pack is reactivated on January 1st, 2021.

In-person memberships include access to our NEW Online Learning Zone with hundreds of class recordings, tutorials and amazing videos to help you roll everyday!

If you would still like your membership paused, please email us at

We expect that, understandably, you’ll have questions so we’ve created an FAQ with more details (see below).

As always, reach out to us anytime; we’re here to help!

Q: Do I have to wear a mask?
A: Yes, as per the public health order, masks are required in all indoor public spaces. Please wear your mask for the entire duration of your stay – including the bathroom.

Q: Do you make exceptions to the mask policy?
A: No, unfortunately we cannot. If you are not able to wear a mask for any reason, we have virtual options to continue to support your skating from home.

Q: Can I still change in the bathroom?
A: No, due to the updated guidelines changing rooms are prohibited and bathrooms are for bathroom use only. Make sure you arrive in exercise attire.

Q: When can I show up to my class?
A: Class times listed on our site are the time that you will be permitted to enter the facility. We have built in extra buffer time at the start to gear up. Latecomers are permitted.
At the classes’ end you will have a 5 minute gear down period.

Q: Are you making any adjustments to your schedule?
A: Yes! We have extended the time between classes to meet the new guidelines and allow for extra time to air out the space. Some classes will also have lower attendance limits.

Q: Did you receive approval to reopen?
A: New guidelines for low intensity group fitness were issued on December 18th – luckily we were already doing most of them! – any additional procedures have now been added. Under the new guidelines health authority approval to re-open is not required, but safety inspections continue regularly. Low intensity group exercise does not cause a sustained and accelerated rate of breathing and does not involve close contact with other people.

Q: How can I reactivate my membership to begin in-person classes again?
A: We will be reactivating your membership automatically for you on January 1, 2021. If you wish to keep your membership on pause, please contact us at hello @!

Q: Is your cancellation policy still in effect?
A: Yes, it is. It can be viewed at Classes may be cancelled up to 12 hours before your class online or in the member app. There are no penalties for cancelling due to Covid symptoms. Please get in touch with us at (604) 706-1006 for all late cancels and to avoid the no-show fee!

Q: Can I do drop-in classes?
A: Unfortunately no, drop-ins are not permitted as per the new guidelines. Classes must be booked in advance. Email us at hello @ to explore your options.

Q: Will you continue to run virtual classes?
A: Yes. While our schedule of live classes has been reduced we have plans for workshops and other live classes in the future. We have a huge library of class recordings and other videos included with our monthly membership so you can take a virtual class whenever suits your schedule!.

Q: Did you have to update your safety guidelines?
A: Our safety plan was already extremely comprehensive and we continue to go above and beyond any guidelines given by public health. The only difference you’ll experience is that spacing between members has been increased to 2.5m (from 2m). We’ll have lots of markings on the floors to help you maintain your safe distance.

Q: Will you still offer Rolla Workout?
A: Unfortunately high intensity group classes are still closed as per recent Health Orders. We have replaced Rolla Workout with our very popular Ready to Rolla Class – this workout class is low intensity, off skates, but still works all your fabulous skating muscles. We will have these in-person workouts twice a week and as always we have virtual options on our online platform.
Check out the Ready to Rolla class library if you wanna get sweaty from home, or the Rolla Workout videos to take it out to the basketball court or underground parking lot!

Q: How do I access the online classes?
A: All of our fabulous online content is hosted in a separate system from our in-person memberships. You should have received a setup email (to create a password) when you signed up for your membership. Head to to find your Dashboard. That’s where all the good stuff lives!
As always if you’re having any trouble just email us at hello @

Q: Do you still have the new solo skate sessions?
A: Yes! We have some solo sessions on the schedule – Weekday sessions on Wednesday afternoon and Weekend sessions on Sunday later afternoon.
You can use your regular membership to reserve these sessions or purchase additional passes as you need. Just email us at hello @ to set that up.

DECEMBER 11, 2020 || No Group Classes, Open for Solo Skate Session bookings!

We have some “glad tidings” for you today! Here’s what we’re doing to keep our members rolling safe and happy through December.

  • We have opened up bookable “Solo Skate Session” individual practice slots at the Skate Church! For those who can’t roll at home, or who just need to get out of the damn house ;). Rolla 1 members will get 3 sessions added to their membership; Rolla 2s and Rolla Derby folks will get 6 sessions. Sessions can now be booked on our ZP Member app or the class calendar.
  • Our online membership has been completely revamped! You will now have access to ALL of our class recordings on-demand, plus all of our skills tutorials, and more tidbits. That should keep you busy (there are over 100 classes…!) This is included with Rolla 1, Rolla 2, and Rolla Derby memberships.
  • We continue to offer Live virtual classes Monday-Thursday at 6:30pm, and will add weekend classes Saturday and Sunday for those who can roll at home (or do our off-skates Ready to Rolla classes!)

All of the above are ONLY available to our skaters on active Rolla 1 or Rolla 2 (or Derby) memberships 🙂

*If you have requested a hold or cancellation on your membership, and this changes the picture for you, please let us know and we’ll be happy to re-instate you!


  • Pre-booked ~50 minute time slots, max 6 skaters at a time. Masks remain mandatory.
  • Boundaries marked out on the floor – skaters will stay within their “box” with plenty of space to move around and practice.
  • Your personal chair in your box for gear up/gear down. Extra help from each skater to spray and clean their area at the end of the session.
  • Our front desk team on hand for skate borrowing, safety, and checking in (and air high fives!)
  • Our wifi available – bring your own device and headphones and feel free to follow along one of the 100+ recorded classes on our Online dashboard!!
  • No formal instruction will be offered, just individual skills practice space/time for those who can’t skate at home 🙂

Thank you, as ever, for sticking with Rolla! You are all part of our Rolla family, and your support at this time will help us be able to re-open as soon as feasible, and take care of our amazing team of coaches and helpers. We’re in this together!

DECEMBER 3, 2020 || Class Cancellations and Closure

Following today’s guidance from the Prime Minister and provincial health, we are taking the tough steps we need to, in order to do our part and protect each other. We want you to know that, just like always, we’ve got your back! 

All Rolla classes and events are cancelled until further notice.

Many of you will have questions about what happens to your memberships, progressive courses, class passes, billing, and more. We promise we are working on solutions and will have more detailed information for you soon. 

We are committed to supporting our Rolla team even as our financial future looks uncertain. This is so important to us, and we appreciate your support!

We started this crazy project called Rolla Skate Club to empower women, lift them up, and show them how strong they already are. We know each of you will be showing strength in your own way during these unprecedented times, and we’re here to support you, share in each others’ hardships and small victories, and generally try to keep the wheels rolling on our wonderful community. 

Stay well, and stay tuned.

Lucy Croysdill & Carla Smith
(aka Lulu and Booty)

If you have questions or concerns about attending a class you have reserved, please contact us:  hello {at}  or via SMS at 604-706-1006

UPDATED AS OF: NOVEMBER 19, 2020 || Still Open!

Today the Public Health Officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry, announced further restrictions on certain types of group fitness activities. Specifically the PHO has required closure of businesses providing HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), Hot Yoga, and Spin classes due to the higher risk of transmission in these environments.

We have written confirmation from Vancouver Coastal Health that Rolla Skate Club’s type of operations are outside of the area of concern for the PHO and Vancouver Coastal Health at this time.

We will be modifying the content of the Rolla Workout classes out of an abundance of caution, to reduce intensity, for the time being.

All other classes are continuing as normal… “New Normal,” that is. Distancing, extra sanitation, masks – all the extra actions you’ve become used to in our space.

Be kind, be safe, wear your mask and wash your hands!

UPDATED AS OF: NOVEMBER 17, 2020 || Approved for Re-Opening

Our safety plan has been approved by Vancouver Coastal Health and we are pleased to announce that we are open once again for in-person classes in Vancouver!

Our existing COVID safety plan was (if we do say so ourselves) very robust! So while you may have heard horror stories on the news about outbreaks from fitness centres and dance academies, we want to reassure you that Rolla’s approach was very well aligned to Vancouver Coastal Health’s prescriptions, often going beyond their recommendations.

Current Safety Plan is now pinned to the top of this page at all times – scroll up to read!

We can never eliminate 100% of risk, but we strongly believe you can feel safe coming back to classes with us. Transparency and openness are key! If you have any questions about how we are doing things, please contact us to chat.

During these challenging times ahead, let’s continue to care for each other, and join in some joyful movement on our wheels to keep the days bright.

Reminders of some of our approaches taken at each and every class to protect each other:

covid safety measures

NOVEMBER 7, 2020 || Class Cancellations and Closure

Hey Rolla Community!

By now you’ve likely heard about the new Public Health Orders for Vancouver Coastal Health and Fraser Health Regions. GroupFitness facilities like Rolla Skate Club must close for up to 2 weeks, effective this evening.

Although not clear in the linked article above, Dr. Bonnie did say that group fitness facilities *may* be able to open sooner than 2 weeks, with an approved safety plan! But, we don’t really know what that approval process may look like. Know that we will pursue every option 🙂

We are confident in our COVID safety plan, and proud of our members for taking it so seriously and working hard to keep each other safe these last few months! We will be back open for classes as soon as health officials tell us it’s safe for all of us to do so.

Here’s how we’re addressing this new reality in the short term:

1) We have canceled Sunday’s classes (Nov 8), and re-scheduled some online classes for everyone:

12:30 pm Rolla Basics

1:45 pm Rolla Dance (Intermediate)

3:00 pm Rolla (All Levels)

You can register for these classes as usual through your ZenPlanner Member app or on our classes page:

2) We already have EIGHT amazing live virtual classes per week, including two off-skate “Ready to Rolla” classes. Those of you with a monthly membership have access to recorded classes as well, on your Rolla Skate Club Online dashboard.  See the schedule below (Note this week there are no classes Wednesday due to the Remembrance Day Holiday).  We encourage you all to take advantage of these!

weekly virtual class schedule

Weekly Live Virtual Class schedule

We know there will be lots of questions! And we’re working on finding good answers, but we don’t have them all just yet.

We are grateful to our community for your continued support of our small business through this exceptionally challenging year. One of our mottos has always been “ROLL DEEP.” To us that means when you’re part of Rolla Skate Club, you’ll never be alone. Let’s continue to reach out to those who need extra support, connect virtually, and use our bodies for some joyful movement together-apart.


UPDATED AS OF: AUGUST 27, 2020 || Masks Recommended

During the pandemic, Rolla Skate Club is continuously working to do our part and look after each other.

In consultation with our team members, and in keeping with recommendations of the Public Health Officer, we are recommending the use of masks for indoor classes at Rolla Skate Club.

Mask wearing is just one part of how we care for each other’s safety. We will continue with our enhanced cleaning procedures, and maintaining our physical space in class.

Thank you for the extra measures that each of you is taking, to care for our skaters, coaches, and staff! If you have any questions, please email us at hello @

UPDATED AS OF: JUNE 26, 2020 || Safety Plan Published

As required by Worksafe BC (and because we want to be very open and transparent about our processes and procedures), we have posted our COVID-19 safety plan for anyone to read. We will have a printed copy on site for reference. Obviously, if you want to leaf through the physical copy, we’ll ask you to wash your hands first, so we encourage you to read it online! 

Much of the document is directed at internal processes and policies designed to keep you, and our Rolla team members safe. To highlight the upshot of what you’ll need to know to help us with that, we created these explainer graphics…

UPDATED AS OF: JUNE 18, 2020 ||
GREAT NEWS: we’re re-opening on July 2!

Hey Rollas – it’s been quite a wild ride, and we’re so glad you’ve been here with us for the whole darn thing. 

We are working to re-open our doors on July 2 with the classes and coaches you have been missing! We can’t wait.

We have begun emailing members individually who had memberships, class passes, and progressive courses put on hold with information specific to each member. We look forward to having you all back and rollerskating with us!

Of course, things will look a little different at Rolla Skate Club when you return. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Class size = 10.
  • Wait list = activated!
  • Reservations = open 8 days ahead of class times.
  • Hand washing/hand san = upon arrival & before you go
  • Cleaning products = scent-free and non-toxic except to coronavirus and bacteria
  • Cancellations due to illness = encouraged, therefore no fees.
  • Physical distancing = how we do everything now.
  • High fives = air fives.

Please remember that we’re in this together! You might feel like risks are low to you personally, and you might be “over it” with the distancing stuff… but remember that your actions impact our staff members and other Rolla skaters. Let’s all do our best to keep each other safe, follow best practices, and make Dr. Henry proud.

Rolla Home Club virtual membership is here to stay! Our “in-person” memberships now include Rolla Home Club. Roll and sweat with us from home (unlimited virtual classes!) and continue to get our weekly skate inspiration, tutorials, feedback, recorded classes and more. If you want unlimited class libraries, at-home Rolla Workouts, and to participate in the super-fun Rolla Games challenge each month, Upgrade to Rolla Home Club Plus!  More info to come as we update our website with all the new options.

FROM MAY 15 2020:

Rollerskate Festival

The Vancouver Rollerskate Festival is officially cancelled. We had hoped to reschedule it for the fall, but as the Provincial Health Officer has indicated that gatherings of greater than 50 people will not be feasible until Phase 4 of the BC Go Forward plan, this event is no longer feasible.  From now until May 25th, you may request a full, partial, or no refund (thanks for your support!) at this form. We will process requests as we receive them, and if we don’t hear from you will process a full refund, starting May 26.

Re-opening Plans

We know that guidance and information from the Province can sometimes be confusing, and much of the detail is left to the individual, and individual businesses, to work out on their own. The health and safety of our team, and of our members and customers is the most important thing to us. We are working carefully and methodically to determine the most sustainable way forward for our community. We won’t be the first fitness club to re-open, but we probably won’t be the last either 😉

Options to Keep Rolling with Us! 

We keep making the Rolla Home Club membership better and better… We now have two weekly live classes: Ready to Rolla off-skates workout (Mondays 6pm), and Living Room Rolla on-skates skills class (Thursdays 6pm). These classes are a cut above the rest – we’re on Zoom, and you get live feedback and interaction with your coach and the other participants! Sound and video quality are high so you are getting the best possible experience.  In our Rolla Home Club member portal you have access to all our class recordings so you can re-watch, go back in time, or tune in at another time if you can’t make the live class!   We also provide skills challenges with members-only tutorials, twice-weekly dispatches of uplifting and helpful content, and a thriving online community of folks helping each other brave this new world! Join us – we’d love to have you. More details and registration here.

Are you in Vancouver? We are offering our rollerskates for rent! Rollerskating can be a great individual or appropriately-distanced outdoor activity to help you feel free and absolutely amazing, during a time when we need that sort of thing most 🙂  More info on renting rollerskates from us here.

FROM APRIL 1 2020:

Hello, Rollas! As we are still unable to offer classes in person for the time being, like many other fitness businesses we’ve already made the move to providing our membership with more online content. We are getting ready to step that up for April for our monthly members, and we want to open this opportunity up to you as well.

Come join the Rolla Home Club!

  • Weekly skill tutorials & challenges by video; all things that can be done in your kitchen, foyer, or parking garage!
  • Curated rollerskating tutorials, videos, and more from around the web…
  • AND… exclusive access to the Roller Derby Athletics Fitness app! We’ll be on the app together as a group, and we’ll be working on our at-home fitness together from afar!

A little more about the RDA Fitness app –
This isn’t just for roller derby players (although it’s GREAT for that). The strength, stability, and balance you can build from Booty’s workouts are great for any skater. The workouts will be selected and scheduled for you, helping give you more structure than the “youtube workout video overload” many of us are currently burning out on. You can do them any time (or skip entirely – no pressure!), and you don’t have to think about anything. Just watch the videos and get on it 🙂

The new “Rolla Home Club” monthly membership is $40 per month. If you feel like contributing more (bless your heart!), we can accommodate that too! Sign up online HERE or contact us at hello @ for more info.

We really appreciate your support through this crisis so far. We know everyone has their own challenges to deal with, and we want to contribute by being a bright spot in your day as much as we can! We are looking forward to continuing to make the best of this isolation, together.

Apart but together with you in spirit,
Booty & Lulu  (and the whole Rolla Skate Club team)


Following today’s guidance from the Prime Minister and provincial health, we are taking the tough steps we need to, in order to do our part and protect each other. We want you to know that, just like always, we’ve got your back! 

All Rolla classes and events are cancelled until further notice.

We know that both social interaction and being active are incredibly important to our mental and physical wellbeing, especially during stressful times like this, so we have a few programs up our sleeves to help keep you rolling.

  • We will be loaning out our rental rollerskates for those who want to enjoy the incredible week of weather we’re forecast to have. This will be free for skaters on a monthly membership with us, and for $25 for 2 weeks for non-members. Rollerskates can be picked up this evening (Monday) between 6-7:30pm at Rolla Skate Club, or tomorrow (Tuesday the 17th) from the Rolla Skate Truck at Science World. Just show up and we’ll be able to hook you up with a pair. 
  • We are working on lots of online resources to help you stay skating, including some great members-only exclusive stuff! Expect tutorials, off-skate workouts, on-skate challenges, dance routines and more.

If you have booked a private event or bought a ticket to one of our own hosted events, we will be in contact with you directly regarding a refund, or deferral, for events taking place in the next 2 weeks.  Our Rollerskate Festival scheduled for April 4 is postponed and we look forward to producing this event in the future. 

Many of you will have questions about what happens to your memberships, progressive courses, class passes, billing, and more. We promise we are working on solutions and will have more detailed information for you soon. 

We are committed to supporting our Rolla team even as our financial future looks uncertain. This is so important to us, and we appreciate your support!

We started this crazy project called Rolla Skate Club to empower women, lift them up, and show them how strong they already are. We know each of you will be showing strength in your own way during these unprecedented times, and we’re here to support you, share in each others’ hardships and small victories, and generally try to keep the wheels rolling on our wonderful community. 

Stay well, and stay tuned.

Lucy Croysdill & Carla Smith
(aka Lulu and Booty)

If you have questions or concerns about attending a class or event you have reserved or purchased a ticket for, please contact us:  hello {at}  or via SMS at 604-706-1006