We strive to take the best care of all of our members, and knowing what classes you like and how often you’re here helps us do that. Help us take care of you by checking in every time you come to Rollerland. (Bonus – checking in avoids any unnecessary class no-show fees.)

Checking yourself in is easy with your GloFox mobile app! When you arrive at Rollerland, just open it up on your phone, then tap the blue Check-In button at the bottom of the main Timetable page to get your barcode. Then simply scan it at our groovy self-scanner and you’re good to go!

Things to note: 

  • If you are attending a multi-week progressive course, scan your app AND sign in on your class sheet at the Welcome Desk.
  • You cannot scan in after a class has started, so please let the Welcome Team know what class you are attending if you arrive late.
  • You can only scan in for one class at a time, so If you are attending multiple classes or sessions back-to-back, please come back and scan in for the second class, or let the Welcome Team know upon arrival.

Happy scanning!