We are thrilled to announce that we made the Season Premiere episode of the Dragons’ Den, Season 18!

As we say in rollerskating, FALLING IS LEARNING!  We’ve learned so much from our experience pitching the Dragons.

Although they failed to recognise the incredible value of the community you’ve helped us build, WE know how meaningful that is. We hear from our community daily about how coming to Rolla Skate Club helps them with their mental health, helps them to feel connected to others, and helps them to move their bodies in joyful ways!

So, we’re not letting a setback on the Dragon’s Den stop us from achieving our mission together with you.

We’ve decided to move away from “the F-Word”… Franchising! Instead we are now ready to launch our Partner program with a much simpler, lower-barrier-to-entry licensing model. Learn more about becoming a Rolla Skate Club Partner and opening your own club right here!

We want to make it easy for up and coming entrepreneurs from underserved communities to get started on building their dream.

And we’re asking for your help!  We’ve launched an Indiegogo Campaign to help raise a seed fund to launch our Partner Program.

We want to raise $35,000, with our community’s help, to cover the legal costs and content creation. But most importantly, this money will help subsidize our first 10 partners to get off the ground for an even lower startup cost!

Be a part of our story, and collect some excellent perks while you’re at it! We’ve got some great give-back offers to say thank you for your support! Contribute to the Indiegogo here! 


If you missed it, check out the CTV News article with Carla and Lucy talking about their journey and experience facing the Dragons in the Den.

Thank you to everyone in this incredible community and to everyone that has supported us over the years, in even the smallest of ways (high fives count!).

We’re so proud to have been part of this community for over 15 years, we couldn’t have done this without you.