Rolla Skate Club Gender Inclusion Policy & Practices

“Rolla Skate Club is an empowered community of strong skaters.”

As a destination for recreation, community, and the sport of rollerskating, including park skating and roller derby, Rolla Skate Club strives to create a welcoming, safe, and inclusive atmosphere for all kinds of skaters and guests.

Our organization is furthermore committed to ensuring that Trans and Gender Non-Binary (TGNB) participants, and other Sexual Minority (SM) participants are able to participate in a safe, supportive and respectful environment.

Almost all events, classes, and programs at Rolla Skate Club are open to all genders.
“Rolla Power” classes, and roller derby programming are open to all cis- and trans- women, and non-binary people who are comfortable in a space that centres the experiences of women.

Participants in Rolla Skate Club’s gendered sport training and competition activities under our jurisdiction (e.g. training and competition in women’s roller derby; gender-divided skate park skills competitions, etc.) are able to participate in the gender category in which they identify. Individuals who identify as a girl or woman are eligible to compete on girls’, women’s, and mixed teams for such events. Individuals who identify as a boy or a man are eligible to compete on boys’ or men’s and mixed teams for such events. Non-binary skaters may select the gendered team or event that they feel most aligned with, and we recognise that this choice can be fluid. All identifications of gender identity or expression by our athletes are believed to be made in good faith and do not require further disclosure or documentation.

At Rolla Skate Club we strive to live these values and principles in all areas of our organisation’s activities:

  • At our Vancouver home, we provide gender-neutral washroom facilities, as well as a private accessible washroom which can be used for changing.
  • We strive to learn and use each guest’s correct personal pronouns.
  • We practice the use of gender-inclusive language in our space and on our social media (for example, “friends, skaters, or folks” in lieu of “ladies, guys, girls”)
  • Dress codes and team uniforms respect an individual’s gender identity and expression. The images we use in our written, video and online materials seek to reflect the diversity of our staff and members.
  • Rolla Skate Club is committed to educating our staff and members on the importance of inclusion of all LGBTQ2S people.

If you have any questions about this policy, or suggestions for improvement, our doors are always open! We believe in lifelong learning, and supporting each other in getting back up when we have fallen down. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us at to open a discussion.