Skate Fantacee is an incredible rink skater, experienced teacher, Riedell Superstar, and hands down one of the most lovely humans you’ll ever meet. She is an inspiring leader in the rollerskate community – working hard on the #saveourrinks campaign and the founder of Worldwide Rollout Day July 11th – a call to action for rollerskaters everywhere to build community cooperation and roll out together.

She will be joining us on August 20th for a live class, Rolling at the Rink! 


Skate Fantacee event banner from Rolla Skate Club, image of Skate Fantacee to the right of the banner with dates and information to the left; Friday August 20th 5pm PST 8pm EST With Skate Fantacee Rolling at the Rink


This 45-minute virtual class is for everyone who wants to learn more about the rink scene and the moves that are lighting up our feeds on a daily basis. As long as you are comfortable balancing, rolling, and stopping on your skates – you can do this class!

50% of proceeds to charity – Half the proceeds from drop-in tickets will be donated to My Sister’s House – a non-profit organization based in Atlanta that provides shelter for women and children in crisis. Learn more about this organization at

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We asked Skate FantaCee to tell us a bit more about herself and what she enjoys and loves the most about rollerskating!

Where do you live? ATLANTA GA but have resided all over the globe (military brat😝)

When did you start skating? I’ve been rolling on all wheels (skateboard, bikes, roller skates & inlines) all my life since toddler age; professionally approx. 7 years; Riedell superstar since 2020 ☺️🤩

What do you love the most about rollerskating? Everything about roller skating is about having fun for me and experiencing the best on 8 wheels while moving to the rhythm of every beat & all genres of music

What types of skating do you do? I am a Universal Skater™️ (my signature style of skating), i skate everything (artistic, park, rink, rhythm, styles, jam, etc) but my fav and the most fluent for me is RHYTHM DANCE SKATING since I am a hip hop dancer and choreographer

What’s your favorite skating move right now? ATL RYDE & SLOW WALK are my favorite skate moves right now😍

What’s your skate set up? 3200 Riedell Superstar Custom designed by me/Arius Platinum plate/ Custom Wheels by Chris Dreamskates

Tell us something random and non-rollerskating about you Being an only child, I’M NATURALLY AN INTROVERT I enjoy my own space and time alone, but skating with others whether outdoors or indoors makes me feel like an EXTROVERT with all the fun and excitement I feel…it’s like when I was a cheerleader 📣 and being hype at the games made me an EXTROVERT with all the fun and excitement surrounding me.

Anything else you want to share? Just a reminder to all: no matter what or who comes at you, remember to STAY POSITIVE AND ALWAYS HAVE FUN🥳and be a star 🤩keep shining bright☺️🥰


Check out her website and find her on Instagram at @skatafantacee


We’ll leave you with this video from her YouTube channel where she talks more about her rollerskating journey!


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