Check out Rolla Skate Club co-founders Luludemon & BiznessTime, using their government names!  They sat down with the Into the Wild Podcast to chat about what it’s like to have a business partner.

How Having the Right Co-Founder Can Help Rocket Your Business Forward: Into The Wild Podcast Ep #66

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“I’d rather be someone’s shot of whiskey, than everyone’s cup of tea.” – Carla Smith

“Be big and take up space. In doing so you give others permission to do the same.” – Lucy Croysdill

Hey you wild women!

My next guests are creating a global movement to empower women. And they’re using roller skates to do it. They want women to be as powerful in their life, community, and business as they are on their roller skates. They want women to find the beauty in what their body can do and how it feels, not what it looks like, and use that to strengthen each other.

This duo came together to launch Rolla Skate Club and also invented a brand new version of roller derby called “Short Track Roller Derby”. It premiered at Rollercon in 2018 and it is now being played on 6 continents. They don’t make any money off this adventure but they believe it will save the sport of Roller Derby — something they are both truly passionate about.

In this episode you will learn about:

  • Where Lucy and Carla come from.
  • Why Lucy would rather be someone’s shot of whisky than everyone’s cup of tea.
  • How Carla takes up space with no fear.
  • The Rolla Skate Club’s mission to empower women in accepting their bodies.
  • Bringing roller skate culture to the masses.
  • Knowing your target audience and creating something for them.
  • Why Carla went against advice to work with a business partner in Rolla Skate Club.
  • How creating products without markets backfired for Lucy.
  • Learning to listen to yourself over others.
  • Why it was important to Lucy and Carla to create Rolla Skate Club.
  • How a collaborative business differs to their previous businesses.
  • Utilizing coaching and education to improve your business.
  • How Carla and Lucy make their business relationship work.
  • Knowing the personal before building the business.
  • The value of accountability.
  • What to ask before you commit to a business partnership.
  • The importance of ongoing check-ins with your partner.
  • What was the one thing Lucy and Carla were worried about before going into business.

What it means to be a WILD woman:

“Ignoring what anyone else out there tells you what it means to be a woman…You just do your own damn thing.” -Carla

“Really, truly believing that, as women, we can have whatever we want.” -Lucy

Public Shoutouts:

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