Kick-Ass Outdoor Skate Series with Coach Barbie

It’s Friday, which means… another episode of Coach Barbie’s kick-ass Outdoor Skate Series! Barbie’s helping us to get through these wild times by improving our outdoor skate abilities. Rolla Home Club members get exclusive access to Barbie’s videos before they go live to the public! Check out the video below for Episode 5 of Barbie’s Outdoor Skate Series. Head over to Barbie’s YouTube channel to give her some skater love; like her video, subscribe to her awesome channel, and follow her mantra… when in doubt – skate it out!


How to Lace Your Skates Like Pro

Well, just like most aspects of rollerskating, there are tons of variations! Below, you’ll find 3 different lace-up styles. As long as your skates are keeping you safe and sturdy, the choice is yours!

  • Nicole Fiore, artistic skater/coach, lacing up skates her personal way
  • Pigeon and the Moxi crew showing us how to tie Moxi skates
  • Estro-Jen’s skate lacing tutorial at RollerCon

BONUS: Life Hacks from the one and only Booty!

Last Night’s Social Roll was themed “Life Hacks” with Booty! Below you’ll find a list of Booty’s life hacks she can’t live without…

1. Peel your hardboiled eggs with a spoon – super fast! Click HERE for tutorial (but first I crack my eggshell lightly all over with the back of the spoon)
2. If you use Facebook on a desktop for work/tasks and don’t like to get distracted, install the Newsfeed Eradicator for Facebook extension – Click HERE for the Chrome version!
3. Small space living tips:
a. Store things in unorthodox places. We store our pizza stone in our ottoman under the blankets and with the board games 🙂
b. Create extra kitchen elbow room by getting a sturdy wood cutting board and setting it over half your stove. Use it for extra counter space, setting down your groceries, or actual chopping! Ours is a $19 IKEA special.
c. Sort your laundry into 2 baskets – stuff that goes in the dryer, and stuff that doesn’t. Makes it super easy to throw all the socks/underwear/PJs in on cold. Only sort your nicer clothes / athletic fabrics when it’s time to wash.
4. Another kitchen tip! Click HERE for the best way to cook chicken breasts!
5. Booze tip from Tiny D: To serve white wine, put it in the fridge 60-90 minutes before serving. To serve red, put it in the fridge early, then take it OUT 60-90 minutes before serving! FANCY.
6. Another one from Tiny D: the best price on flights will be 6 weeks before your trip, on a Tuesday, at 3pm!

As always, stay safe out there. We’ll see you later, skaters!