Dance Inspo

This week’s Weekly Challenge sure is a challenge. Coach Lulu’s floor move had us all sweaty and our cores flexed. The ladies in the video below make it look too easy! Check out their funky choreography as well as their variations of Lulu’s floor move for inspiration.

Outdoor Skating with Coach Barbie

In case you missed it, last week, our dear Coach Barbie introduced her awesome new project, Coach Barbie’s Outdoor Skate Series! She has made it her mission to help us all through this unprecedented time by improving on our outdoor skating abilities. Barbie is giving us her best tips, tricks, products and ways to stay safe and healthy during this time. Barbie publishes her skate series to her personal YouTube channel, however, Rolla Home Club members will have EXCLUSIVE access to her videos before they go live to the public! Check out the video below for Episode 2 of Barbie’s Outdoor Skate Series, and find it on her channel after its public release on Saturday. When in doubt – skate it out!


Coach Booty Quake has a Female Friendly Hip-Hop Playlist!

Looking for some tunes for your weekend? Click HERE to for access to Coach Booty Quake’s Female Friendly Hip-Hop playlist. For when you want to listen to some sweet rhymes and beats with women, children, or really any human being!