We love our members, and we love to bring you their interesting stories in our Rollerskater Spotlight. Coming at you from BC’s Vancouver Island, one of our first-ever Rolla Skate Club Online members, Alex, loves to get down with the party lights in her disco garage. Check it out!

Where do you like to skate? Either your home skate setup or another spot you like to go?

In the summer outside if possible. Lately, I’ve been loving my disco-garage set up but basically anywhere with a smooth floor and funky lighting will do!

What’s something you do when you’re not rollerskating? (work, hobbies…)

I’m a French teacher taking courses to become a school librarian, and in my spare time if I’m not skating I’m paddle boarding, doing artsy and crafty things, reading, making cocktails, playing with my dog on the beach, or experimenting with cooking.

What big goals do you have for yourself with your rollerskating right now?

I would like to pull off short, smooth dancing routines, linking moves seamlessly, involving my arms and looking cool while doing it! I would also like to get strong enough to skate and do moves/tricks on one skate.

Any big successes or milestones for you recently (in life or on skates!)?

In July 2020 I decided to start tracking my skating sessions.  I have been skating at least 4-5 times a week since then. I have noticed huge progress during that time and I feel stronger! Even when adulting gets in the way, I’m still making time for skating which is huge for me!

What’s your favourite Rolla Online class to take and why?

Rolla Dance because it’s so much fun! I love learning and messing around with new moves! I also like the Rolla all levels because it forces me to practice things I normally wouldn’t think of practicing but those things make a difference in my skating.

What is your favourite thing about skating with Rolla Skate Club?

I moved from Vancouver to a small town on the Island about two years ago, and up until very recently, I didn’t know anyone who skated near me. Rolla Skate Club has made me feel like I’m part of a skating community which has been really nice.

Anything else you want to say about yourself, rollerskating, or Rolla?

I am totally addicted to Rollerskating now. When I’m not skating, I’m thinking about it, talking about it (sorry friends!) I seriously dream about it sometimes!:)  I have really enjoyed the last few months with Rolla, it has been a big part of my happy place. Especially through all the stress and weirdness we have experienced this year, this has definitely been the silver lining for me. I feel lucky to be part of a skating community with so many bad ass women!:)