Hailing from all the way across the pond is super duper online skater – Amandine Thierree! Amandine is Rollin’ in as our Online Skater Spotlight nominee all the way from the UK. She’s conquering the great outdoors on her 8 wheels as she regularly practices outside. When Amandine is practicing, her ultimate goal is to get over her fears, push herself outside of her comfort zone, and eliminate any mental blocks getting in her way. Amandine says her favorite aspect of being an online Rolla member is the monthly challenges that challenge her and help her progress towards her goals. Even all the way across the ocean, Amandine is a clear shining example of a stellar skater which we’re always happy to put a spotlight on here at Rolla! 

Your name, skater name, or how you like to be called:


Where do you like to skate? Either your home skate setup or another spot you like to go to?

Unfortunately, my current flat is carpeted throughout (good old UK houses…) so I go to the nearest park to skate. It is lovely, the paths are relatively smooth, and there are tennis courts I use sometimes.

What’s something you do when you’re not rollerskating? (work, hobbies…)

I go to the gym regularly (I do barre and yoga) and try to go to the cinema often. I have a membership with a chain that shows blockbusters and independent, more niche productions so it is great to see such a variety of films. I also like to read and set myself a challenge of reading 10 books this year. I must say I am quite a slow reader so it genuinely is a challenge for me!

What big goals do you have for yourself with your rollerskating right now?

Right now my biggest goal is to get over my fears, letting go and be more adventurous. I am freaking out a bit when I pick up speed and suddenly forget all the basics. I have never hurt myself too badly when skating but I guess it is more difficult when you start learning in your thirties! There are more mental blocks to get over. I want to get to a point where I do not have to think about where to put my weight before a transition for example. It maybe does not sound like much but I think once I feel like I control these little wheels then I will be more daring. (I am the type of gal who prefers to nail the basics before moving on to the next step)

Any big successes or milestones for you recently (in life or on skates!)?

I am in the process of buying my very first flat! It is scary but it feels like a pretty big step in my adult life haha! Skating wise any new move I manage to do feels like a milestone, really. Recently I have been working on shooting the duck forward, transitioning low, and shooting the duck backward (does this full move have a name??). Just this morning I managed to unlock a couple without falling on my bum or putting my hand on the ground. I left practice pretty stoked!

What’s your favourite Online Class to take and why?

The skills library is where I spend most of the time but I really want to try one of these dance class with Dirty Deborah and develop my footwork.

What is your favorite thing about skating with Rolla Skate Club?

 I think it would have to be the monthly challenges! It brings variety to my practice and I just love the engagement between Rolla and the members in general. It is fun and helps progression.

Anything else you want to say about yourself, rollerskating, or Rolla?

I was skeptical at first about using an online platform for roller skating but I am really happy so far. The resources are humongous and skills are broken down well. And interaction is definitely there! Joining live classes is nearly impossible because of my time zone but I can watch the recordings. I am also glad I found such a kind community. I tend to be really hard on myself and having an external opinion helps. You guys made me want to travel to Vancouver and skate with you IRL!