Meet two of our fave skaters, who also happen to be one of Rolla’s favourite mother-daughter skater duos!

Your name, skater name, or how you like to be called:

Emma –  “Forest” – Forever changing and a little crazy.

JordynDiscosaurus – I love animal prints, disco, and dinosaurs!

What’s something you do when you’re not rollerskating? (work, hobbies…)

EmmaThinking about when I can roller skate next! When I am not rollerskating I am usually at work in the hospital, assisting my kids with post secondary education COVID style, hiking, and dabbling in iPhone photography.

Jordyn: When I am not rollerskating I am working on getting my degree in music.  I am a voice major but have recently begun to play drums and piano.  I work supporting individuals living with autism learn how to skate and learn gymnastic skills.  I love to collect character toys. I also like to design and sew costumes.  

What big goals do you have for yourself with your rollerskating right now? 

Emma: It might be a “pipe” dream, but I want to skate a half pipe at the skate park so I can beat out the naysayer in my head.

Jordyn: I want to learn more dances so that I can “party” at the rink and along the strip in Los Angeles.  Perhaps one day artistic rollerskating will be a thing in Vancouver and I can skate lyrical on and off the ice.

Any big successes or milestones for you recently (in life or on skates!)?

Emma Transitions were a huge struggle for me but thanks to the patience of the coaches and their putting up with my questions I have finally got some down, albeit in slow motion!

Jordyn: I liked learning dance routines with Coach LuluDemon and then being able to do it myself.

What’s your favourite Rolla class to take and why?

Emma –  I love Rolla All Levels as every day there is something new to learn and always another twist on something learned.  It also gives me the opportunity to be in the same class as my daughter.

JordynI love the dance section of the Rolla All Levels with Smokie because she is so energetic and makes me happy!

What is your favourite thing about skating with Rolla Skate Club?

Emma –  I love the mixture of people coming together and supporting each other to meet their individual goals.  The vibe of respect, understanding and encouragement is like a big hug and we all need hugs these days.  

Jordyn I love the freedom of being myself and wearing what I want to wear and seeing everyone else doing the same.  I like the way we get to know each other through crazy questions and sharing answers.  It makes me feel like I belong.

Anything else you want to say about yourself, rollerskating, or Rolla?

Emma–  Rolla has been a life saver during this pandemic; every time I conquer a challenge at Rolla I feel empowered to face new and bigger challenges in my everyday life.  Brady, Ana and the coaches have been so welcoming, inclusive, and sensitive to us – their hearts are so big.

JordynEveryday I get to go rollerskating is a good day because it makes me feel excited and special.