Say hello to one of our amazing online members joining us virtually all the way from Apopka, Florida, U.S.A.: Yvonne a.k.a. Cup-Skates!

In addition to her roller skating passion, Yvonne also loves decorating cakes, which is where her amazing skater name comes from. Yvonne enjoys practicing outdoors enjoying the Florida sunshine, specifically on the Semoran Skateway as well as indoors at Astro Skates and Barber Park.  Cup-Skates’ big skating goals include learning to dance fluidly as well as perfecting her transitions on roller-skates. At 60 years of age, Yvonne recently learned to skate backward and intends to only get better using our online platform as she enjoys learning “on demand.”

Your name, skater name, or how you like to be called: 

Yvonne Williams but they call me “Cup-Skates🧁” because I love cake decorating for the past 30+ years 

What’s something you do when you’re not rollerskating? (work, hobbies…) 

I have had my  Mary Kay Cosmetics business for over 35 years and that keeps me looking young. I love Zumba and hanging out with my family playing Scattegories or Taboo. Mother of four kids Valerie, 37, Neriyah 34, Derek 28, Theresa 23 and 6 1/2 grandchildren 16, 13, two 10s, 6 and 2 plus a baby boy this July. All “The Grands” know how to skate!!!

What big goals do you have for yourself with your rollerskating right now? 

Big goals include dancing fluidly on skates, transitions, and rollerblading (tried once).  

Any big successes or milestones for you recently (in life or on skates!)?

Milestones age 60 (feel 18 every day), & skating backward!

What’s your favorite Rolla Online class to take and why?

Favorite classes Dirty Deb cuz she taught me volumes on YouTube plus the off-skates exercises to improve my balance. I appreciate learning “On Demand” with my busy and constantly changing schedule 

What is your favorite thing about skating with Rolla Skate Club?

Thanks for providing an online, easy to follow and track-progress method of learning. Plus I enjoy the personal touch of receiving a personal video from Coach Booty Quake.