Hey Rollas! It’s official – the dates for our summer hiatus from Rollerland are July 30th to September 11th inclusive. 

Our last day of classes and events at Rollerland will be Saturday, July 29th, and we’ll be back in the building on Tuesday, September 12th.

Don’t worry, we still have all of July to have fun together at Rollerland, and some extra stuff planned for August too!

All current monthly members who keep their memberships active until July 29 will receive the following:

  • 2 free tickets to ALL Rolla events in July & September
  • 1 free PNE Fair ticket
  • 3 Golden Ticket events in July to invite your friends to skate with you – July 6th, 13th & 20th!
  • An invite to our Birthday Party Skate Jam Bash on July 27th
  • Members Potluck Social on July 16th
  • July Rolla merch Sale – 20% off everything!
  • Unlimited Golden Tickets for the Oct 5 Skate Jam – First one of the Fall/Winter season!
  • Access to the Rolla Discord channel throughout the Summer

All members who keep their memberships active through August will also get access to these ADDITIONAL perks!

  • All the benefits listed above for July
  • Rolla Online Membership until the end of 2023 – Enjoy tutorials & classes online to work on your skills at home or outside! $145 value
  • FREE Weekly social skates around False Creek throughout the Rollerland closure – come skate with a supportive social crew! We’ll have a skate-in-place group and a skate-the-paths group that will start and finish together – something for all levels. Social experiences are invaluable!
  • A bonus PNE Fair ticket! (2 total per member) $50 value
  • A 20-minute one-on-one session with a Senior Rolla Coach in September to help you unlock or perfect a skill! $60 value..but actually priceless!
  • 1 free guest ticket to the October 15th Van City Soul Skate Fall kickoff – $20 value

Maintaining your membership during the hiatus will have a huge impact on our little start-up business. Your support will help us reach our goals to improve your Rolla experience when we come back in September.

If you would like to pause your membership for the hiatus period, please fill out this form by July 14th.

In order to manage the administrative loadALL summer hiatus pause requests must be received by July 14th. Any pause requests received between July 14th & July 28th will incur a $40 administrative fee.

Our offices will be closed during the hiatus, so no summer pause requests will be processed after July 28th, and your billing date will remain the same. 

Thank you for your support!

PLEASE NOTE: As stated in our Membership Policies, members can pause for up to 3 months per year with no penalty.

Questions? Maybe these FAQs will help!

Q. If I pause, what happens to my membership?

A. You will not be able to register for any classes, events or sessions on GloFox during the pause. You will retain your regular monthly fee when your pause ends, but your usual billing date will be moved forward according to the length of the pause.

For example, if your account bills on the 1st of the month, here’s what it would look like:

Credit pack expiry dates will be extended as well.

Q. Where can I skate while Rollerland is closed?

If you keep your membership active through August, we’ll show you the way with our weekly social skates in the False Creek zone! Dates and times coming soon.

Vancouver has loads of great outdoor spots. We love the Seawall and the Arbutus Greenway for trail skating. Sunset Beach is a great scene for skaters, especially on Thursday evenings. Lacrosse boxes, basketball courts and tennis courts are great flat spots, too (but don’t forget to share with other public space users). Really, any relatively smooth, flat and not-too-busy spot works!

Make sure to join our Discord server to share or find great outdoor skate spots, plan skate meetups and road trips with pals, or even start a heated debate about the best outdoor wheels.

 If you’ve never skated outdoors before, we have some helpful tutorials to get you started:

Getting Your Rollerskates Ready for Outdoor Skating

Rollerskating Outside For the First Time

Rollerskating Outside – Level 2

Q. Will there be any off-site Rolla events or classes during the Rollerland closure?

A. Yes! For Active monthly members only (in other words, folks who aren’t on pause) we will be offering a weekly social skate, led by our Rolla Coaches! You can skate in place, or choose to join the skate-the-path group. We’ll start and finish together, and there may even be picnics and sunset drinks after 🙂 If anything else is planned, we’ll spread the word via Discord and the GloFox Community tab, as usual

If you have any other questions about our summer hiatus, you can email hello@rollaskateclub.com. Have a great skating summer!