“I have a top secret project to talk to you about”

This was the tantalizing approach we got when one of our skaters in the film industry reached out back in early 2020.

“Ok, we’re listening! What’s up”

She went on to ask us to help produce a rollerskating segment for a “nationally broadcast reality TV show.” You better believe we said YES!

What was the show? The Amazing Race Canada!

You can catch our segment on CTV.ca Episode 11 Season 8! 

One pandemic shutdown and two years later, we finally pulled it off. Ten Rolla Skate Club skaters and staff members turned out at the Shipyard Commons in North Vancouver to put the Amazing Race final four teams through their paces as they raced against elimination!

After lacing up, the contestants each got assigned to a Rolla Coach for instruction – Sharon, Charlotte and Andi were there to help them get up and rolling into our challenge!  After a few quick pointers the eager participants lined up to complete an on-skate obstacle course.

Our crew of skilled skaters (Lynsey, Sjors, Magnus, Bruisey, Whips, Easy, Fox and Loca) cycled through the obstacle course, making it look super easy of course. Now it was the contestants’ turn.


Because we taped this way back in May, we had not yet met any of the teams on our television sets, so it was super cool to get a sneak peek (under lock and key with a non-disclosure agreement of course) at the finalists. We got to see Franca, Craig, Connor, and Marika all try to beat our obstacle course test!

Once they had successfully completed the course to our standards, Coach Bizzy handed over their next clue.

The hardest part for the contestants was definitely stepping through the hula hoops. Connor got the right idea and went slowly stepping, nailing it on his first try. All the rest tried to race through this section, inevitably messing up and kicking the hoops which was an immediate fail.

But overall, these were true competitors. After all, they had survived dozens of tests and challenges in the episodes leading up to this moment, so we knew they would be able to nail their rollerskating moment in the end!