Hello Lovely Members,

We wanted to let you know that we’re going through a breakup. Yes, that’s right – we’re saying goodbye to our scheduling software Glofox as of December 31. But don’t worry – we’re on the rebound and will be moving forward with ZenPlanner. (You’ll recognize this name if you skated with us at The Church – yes, we’re getting back together with our ex. But they’ve changed!) This change will happen on January 1, so please continue to use Glofox for classes and sessions until Dec. 30.

If you currently have an active Rolla membership or credit pack, we are already in the process of securely migrating all of your information over to the new platform, so you won’t really have to do anything on Jan. 1 except what’s outlined below.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your username will be the email address that is on your current GloFox account, but you will get a new temporary password in an automated email later this month from ZenPlanner. Subject: Rolla Skate Club – Vancouver – Your website login information
The sender will be from – messages-noreply@zenplanner.com Please use the link and password from that email the first time you use ZenPlanner.

(If you are new to Rolla and don’t have any kind of account with us yet, you will get access by purchasing a membership or credit pack online here or in-person at Rolla Skate Club.)

Your First Time Logging on to ZenPlanner

Mobile Member App: The easiest way to use your Zen Planner account is through our Member App, where you can manage your reservations and get important alerts from us. Simply download the App for free on your Apple or Android phone then login in with your new password.

On the Web: Go to this page on our website and login with your new password you received in the email. (NOTE: this is the ONLY place on the web where you can login to your Rolla account.)

Once you’re logged in:

  1. Please upload a new selfie! And make sure it’s your cute face in the photo, and not your dog or a sunset. This makes it easy for us to find you in the building in case of an emergency, or to help new staff get to know you. These photos are not public anywhere on the web.
  2. Check the info in your profile to make sure everything is accurate, including your email address, mobile phone number, payment information, emergency contact info, pronouns, date of birth, and anything else you think we should know.
How to Book a Class, Session or Course

Classes/Sessions: As always, class reservations and Open Skate/Ramp sessions will open 8 days before the date. Within the Member App, click on the calendar icon in the top right. You can reserve your spot or add yourself to a waitlist (if the class is full) by clicking the star next to the time you wish to attend. If you no longer can attend a class, simply click “Cancel Reservation.” NOTE: In the app, the calendar will only display classes which your membership allows access to!

Progressive Courses: Our multi-week courses will now be categorized as “memberships” so if you sign up for one and you already have a regular membership, the course will look like a secondary membership on your account. To register for a course, in the app click on your profile circle, click Purchase, and scroll to “Adult Progressive Courses.” If you are on an All-Access Membership, you will be able to use your 90% off code to get your member pricing!

Overall, ZenPlanner is going to function similarly to our old software but there will be some differences, so give yourself a little time to get to know your way around. Of course, new relationships take getting used to, and there may be complications as we work out the kinks – so we appreciate your patience! If you see any issues with your account after the launch date or you have questions, please email our Welcome Team at hello@rollaskateclub.com and we’ll do our best to get it resolved ASAP.