Our prime time classes are filling up and our waitlists are growing! This means that some members aren’t getting into the classes they want, which bums us out immensely. An even bigger bummer is when people don’t show up for classes they’ve registered for and someone on the waitlist misses out on a chance to skate.

To combat this, members will be charged fees for late cancellations and no-shows. Proceeds from these fees will be donated to the Rollas Helping Rollas subsidy program.

Please take a minute to familiarize yourself with our cancellation policies here. In summary: Regular Rolla member classes (Learn, Play, Power, Tuesday Workshops) require 12 hours notice for cancellation.

For monthly members, this means:

  • If you cancel your spot in a class before the 12-hr deadline, you won’t be charged anything.
  • If you cancel your spot after the 12-hr deadline, you will be charged a $10 late cancellation fee.
  • If you don’t show up for the class you booked and you haven’t cancelled, you will be charged the $25 no-show fee.

(If you use Credit Packs, nothing will change – you will still lose your credit if you cancel after the 12-hr deadline.)

Of course there are exceptions because LIFE HAPPENS! So just drop us a note at hello@rollaskateclub.com if you have questions.

Cancelling is easy! The best way to keep track of all of your classes is in the GloFox app where you can cancel your spot with just a tap.

If you are on a waitlist but no longer want the spot, please remove yourself from the list so someone else on the waitlist can take the spot. Learn how to do that here.

You can avoid accidental no-shows by making sure you check yourself in for every class and session you attend. When you arrive, scan your GloFox app at the self-scanner at the Welcome Desk. If you are attending more than one class or session in a day, tell our friendly Welcome Team when you arrive, or roll back to the desk and scan again before your second class starts.

TL; DR – Plan ahead, use your GloFox app, check in when you arrive, and don’t blow off Rolla classes. Thanks for your cooperation!