We love our members, and we love to bring you their interesting stories in our Rollerskater Spotlight. Coming at you from Vancouver, one of our lovely in-person members, Angella, was nominated by her coaches due to her passion for learning new rollerskating skills and her commitment to coming into Rolla and giving her very best. Read more below!

What’s something you do when you’re not rollerskating? (work, hobbies…) Relaxing at home, alongside my beloved cat Flossy, listening to my Audible pick of the month! I just started Burnout, so far I give it a thumbs up!

What big goals do you have for yourself with your rollerskating right now? I’m determined to do everything on my left leg, that I can do on my right, with style!

Any big successes or milestones for you recently (in life or on skates!)? Flossy recently turned 17… Having more time to spend with her this past year has been a true blessing. She’s my ride or die <3

What’s your favourite Rolla class and why? I love the challenge of Rolla All Levels! Every session is different, every coach teaches a little different and every time I do a class, my booty muscles get a little stronger! I hate strenuous leg workouts, so strengthening this area of my body while having fun is the best!

What is your favourite thing about skating with Rolla Skate Club? The Good Vibes, only!

Anything else you want to say about yourself, rollerskating, or Rolla? Every time I step into my skates I feel a breeze of confidence and a positive energy charge! It’s an amazing feeling! Thank you so much Rolla Coaches and Members, I am truly grateful for being part of this community!